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Streaming Mega Episode on Home Server Show

Richard Gunther from The Digital Media Zone joins me to talk streaming services and devices.  We are tossing a very wide net on this show in order to come up with what might be the best hardware and services for streaming of TV and Movies whether they are rented or your own. Richard Gunther @whatimpressesme […]

BYOB Episode 120

Haswell and Durango are, and we’re excited! Seagate central. Automatic will it improve your gas mileage and make you a better driver? We discuss RAID, HDDs, SSDs and storage configuration. NEWS – The Big Stories! Next Gen XBOX announcement May 21 Intel Haswell CPUs Slated for release June 3 Hardware – Some Nifty Gizmos Seagate […]

BYOB Episode 119

Short show this week. Troubleshooting Intel Rapid Start, Windows Blue rumors of boot to desktop and the return of the start button. Last we discuss Durango from the opposite perspective from last week. Windows Rumors – Giving in? Boot to desktop with a start button   NextBOX – Part 2, HTPC killer? We discuss how […]

BYOB Episode 118

Grab a chair, it’s a long show this week. Mike Howard of the JPEG2RAW Podcast joins us this week. Michael reviews his past year of testing Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Essentials. Discuss the lack of good server AMD vs. Intel data. What we want the next XBOX (Durango) to be. This weeks BYOB Podcast. […]

BYOB Episode 117

This week on the BYOB Podcast Keyboards, IP cameras and Lenovo’s Tablet2 Human Interface Devices Logitech K400 Logitech MK520 Logitech next gen G series mice IP Home Cameras Mike’s review of the Smarthome 75790 Smarthome 75790 HooToo IP206 Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet2 Lenovo’s site   Remember to post your comments on: www.homeservershow.com/forums or send us an […]