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TWiT 460: Drones Delivering Diapers


This Week in Tech

Hosts: Mike Elgan, Katie Benner, Harry McCracken, and Lindsey Turrentine

Google rolls out a self-driving car, Apple is said to be prepping a smart home software platform at WWDC, NSA is harvesting millions of web images for facial recognition, TrueCrypt closes doors in odd circumstances, Microsoft maybe working on a smartwatch, Amazon’s war with Hachette, Comcast CEO has an explanation for why everyone hates his company, and more.

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Running time: 2:03:05

Golden Smartphone Photography: Point and Shoot May 29, 2014


What a great discussion on this week’s hangout on air with our Smartphone Photographers Community. This week we’re joined by members Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Robert Knight and Michael King. In this week’s hangout we share the submissions to the “airborne” photography as well as look at other highlighted photos shared in the community. Also, ever heard […]

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YATS 97: Security Warning Burnout


YATS 97: Security Warning Burnout

“It’s called I got a billion dollars and you don’t” Welcome to this week’s episode of Yet Another Tech Show. This is the technology podcast where we as tech evangelist strive to bring you informative but also entertaining tech discussions. …

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Yet Another Tech Show – Weekly tech show with Technology Evangelists who talk interesting tech. It’s YATS!

AotA 125: Rebooting Your Car


“Some people also eat their children then drive into the river.” I’m Eric Finkenbiner and it’s that time again for another exciting episode of Attack of the Androids.  On episode 125 I am joined by Mat Lee and Nick Carroll …

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