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pfSense vs. Sophos on Home Server Show 268

On this episode we’ll be comparing pfSense to Sophos with a little bit of Untangle mixed in as well.  Which one is the better router?  Ten TB hard drives, yes 10TB! News and Meetup 2014. See you in the forums!

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Links and Notes for this episode

10TB Hard Drive from Western Digital


has windows app for system tray

iosafe destroys more gear

I destroy an ioSafe Solo in my backyard.  My favorite YouTube ever.

My firewall is better than yours.

pfsense vs. Sophos



Sophos UTM Guides

Zyxell USG20

Sophos Home license comes with 10x licenses for Sophos Endpoint Protection, which is managed from the router.

BYOB Episode 130


We have a bunch of topics to cover tonight.  We  talk about some RAID 0, Essentials upgrade, update on the Nexus 7, Untangle, and memory timings as well as spend a few minutes discussing our thoughts on the retirement of Steve Ballmer.  Home you enjoy the show and as always we look forward to your feedback.

Samsung EVO’s in a RAID

Post by Joe_Miner in the HSS forums

Essentials R2, no upgrade path and not a free upgrade???

My First 4 weeks with android (Nexus 7)

Untangle Build

Using Untangle for tunneling

CAS timings on memory


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