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AotA 148: A Whole 15 Amps

“I want a Chromebook in my body.” Thanks for joining us on another episode of Attack of the Androids.  This week it’s just Mat and I, but fear not!  You will still get a healthy dose of Android news, regardless.  If you’d …

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When is unlimited not unlimited? Home Server Show Podcast 266

The Home Server Show is back after a little time off. Thanks for coming back too! Jim and I discuss unlimited backup to cloud services, news, 6TB Drives, and a whole lot more.   This podcast is a member of The Geeks Network.  Check out other great podcasts and forums there. The Home Automation Forums URL […]

BYOB Episode 140

  I am joined by special guest Ed from Bizmodeller, Director and Lead Developer of iHomeserver.  Ed talks in depth about his new upcoming version as well as key features of the existing version.  iHomeserver has always an outstanding product addressing a specific need and the upcoming version takes is to a whole new level.  I want to thank Ed for taking […]

BYOB Episode 139

Today I am joined by Christopher Courtney (aka: Drashna) to dig deeper into the topic of running a domain at home.  As enthusiasts, we will be faced with the potential of making the choice to either upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Essentials or possibly to look for other solutions.  Our discussion today deals with exploring […]