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AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic headphones review – CES 2014

From AcousticSheep comes SleepPhones, the “pajamas for your ears”. These are headphones designed as a sleek and soft headband to be worn at night and while you fall sleep. I review the AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic model above, but they are available in a Bluetooth wireless model. The SleepPhones are made from a majority of recycled…

Interview with Geonaute 360 Degree Camera – CES 2014


I had the opportunity to interview the Geonaute 360 Camera product manager, Justin Schneller, at CES 2014. We talk about the Geonaute capabilities including the three 8 megapixel cameras, their custom software and how they fit mounts from GoPro cameras. The Geonaute 360 Camera compact design has a micro-Sd card slot, video resolution 2048×1024 at…

YATS 82: Ragemaster


YATS 82: Ragemaster

“It blew our mind that we were buying whiskey at the CVS” Welcome to 2014 and Yet Another Tech Show, everyone. I am Ant Pruitt and this week show producer Mat Lee and I are joined by Mike Olsen and …

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