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YATS 90: Slash B


YATS 90: Slash B

“You can’t get away from Windows.” Welcome to episode 90 of Yet Another Tech Show with the tech evangelist Mat Lee, Larry Press, Mike Rothman and myself Ant Pruitt. Thanks for coming out and taking a listen to our show. …

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Average Server Size Please, on Home Server Show 255

We talk about enthusiast sized servers all the time but how about something a little more normal?  John Stutsman, Christopher Courtney, and Chris Kenney all join in to discuss what could possibly be an “average” server.  Well, they listened to me talk about it! I need to let these guys talk more often.  Never fear, […]

BYOB Episode 135

  Michael’s back this week and we talk some XBox 1 in readiness for launch day.  We also discuss the VM Ultra drive, portable Bluetooth speakers, and some odd wireless controllers.  Mike gives a quick impression of the new Plex Home Theater version that is available for Plex Pass members and we also discuss Untangle […]

BYOB Episode 134

  Yep, it has been a while.  We have been out of commission mainly due to problems in my schedule but we are back this week with a great show.  Mike Martis is off to the races today so I am joined today by Paul Braren (tinkertry.com).  We discuss the completion of my rack project, […]